Revisited: Teflon Don at 10

It was 2010, I’d just turn 20 years old, I was newly single, and got promoted at my job. I was young with a pocket full of money and the soundtrack of that summer was dominated by rapper Rick Ross, which began in May with the release of the Albert Anastasia EP. The first thing you hear once you start the tape is Sean Combs giving one of his incredible “rants” that would prepare for for the summer to come for us fans of Ross and hip-hop alike. Two songs on the mixtape (Blowin Money Fast & MC Hammer) became instant hits especially in places like the one located on 2117 W Northwest Hwy. This prequel was just a sample of what was to come on Ross’ fourth studio album, Teflon Don (a nickname made infamous by John Gotti), which in my opinion is one of Ross’ best albums.

A year prior, the man known as Rozay got into a publicized beef with 50 Cent. It exposed that Ross (real name William Roberts) was previously employed as a corrections officer. Ross responded to the beef on the song, Mafia Music (Deeper Than Rap, 2009) as well as talk about his past job experience in interviews and his book, Hurricanes. With people questioning his past and the content of his music, instead of letting it bring him down, Ross was putting out quality music including a remix of Dallas’ own Erykah Badu’s (who also appears on Maybach Music III) Window Seat.

Fast forward to July 20th with the official release of Teflon Don. It starts with the infectious statement of “I’m Not A Star” and takes you on a journey of how the rapper became “The Boss”. With production from Clark Kent, Kanye West, No I.D., and a young Lex Luger, it helped to illustrate a lush and extravagant story that was told by Ross as well as rappers like, Drake, Diddy, Jay-Z, T.I., Jadakiss, Raekwon (featured on iTunes exclusive, Audio Meth), and singers Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, and John Legend. My personal favorites from the album are “Tears of Joy” & “All The Money In The World”, what are some of your favorite songs and where does this album rank in your favorite albums by Rick Ross? Let me know on social media or hit me up at Thanks for reading!

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