I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to another one of my passions, art. Whether the exhibition is recent or a “throwback”, I’ll post it here. My first entry is by the artist Brooklyn- based artist Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS.

KAWS’ exhibit was on display in one of my favorite local museums, The Modern in Fort Worth, Texas. The pieces consisted of everything from sculptures, drawings, and paintings. Everything from Spongebob, Keith Haring, The Simpsons, and even brand staples like the Michelin Man were remixed by Donnelly.

The exhibition ran from October 20, 2016 – January 22, 2017, but the museum acquired the bronze sculpture, CLEAN SLATE (KAWS, 2018), which is on display on its North Terrace. To check out his work, go to kawsone.com or download the Acute Art app and enjoy the virtual piece, COMPANION (EXPANDED) FREE OF CHARGE until April 15th.

All pictures were taken by yours truly! Enjoy and thank for reading!

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