Unboxed: Gatorade Gx Bottle

In 2016, Gatorade introduced the Gx bottle. Gatorade described it as the “sports fuel customization platform that will change the way athletes fuel now, and into the future.” The Gx system monitors your hydration and performance levels. As of right now, the advanced version of the system and the bottle is only available to “elite athletes” and other sports figures.




Fast forward to 2018, Gatorade sent out an email with a code to select individuals to purchase the Gx bottle bundle. The selection consists of a few classic flavors as well as some G2 options. You can customize the color of the bottle and also personalize the ID ring with your name or nickname (I chose my nickname/ personal Twitter handle), and choose designs and colors of your favorite NFL and NBA teams. If you’re interested in your own Gx bottle, go to gatorade.com/gx.

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