All Is Forgiven…?

DeAndre Jordan is officially a Dallas Maverick – so what’s next? The 6’11”, 265-pound All-Star center from Humble, Texas will be dunking and blocking at the American Airlines Center in the Mavs’ home whites this fall. He comes to Dallas with career stats of 9.4 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks per game. His defensive skill set will definitely help the play of Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison Barnes, Dennis Smith Jr., and the rookie and reigning Euroleague MVP Luka Dončić, but is this the closure we as fans have been anticipating since the summer of 2015?

Some Mavs loyalists aren’t embracing the new starting center while some of the typical Mavs basketball “purists” simply says to “get over it, he’s here now”. Personally, when the chairs were put to the door (or the infamous photo of the said situation) and the emojis flew, I wasn’t offended by the change of heart. The team dubbed “Lob City” was at its peak and, little did we know, was also on its final leg in Los Angeles. “Basketball is a business”, so that’s how I took it. Did I like how he did it? No, but I understood his decision. I’d rather DeAndre Jordan picked Dallas out of wanting to be here and not an impulse for a change of scenery. Over a span of two to three seasons, it took Chris Paul being traded to Houston, Blake Griffin traded to Detroit, and $24 million, but the new Lob City has a new address at 2500 Victory Avenue in Downtown Dallas.

The rebuild is still in effect but as always, the Mavericks find a way to be exciting. Mark Cuban and the team are on board, so with that being said, I’m a Mavs Fan For Life and that means supporting our new center… at least for the 2018-2019 season. Will I ever forget July 2015? Never, but I am excited to see how the Mavs fare against the new “King” of LA and the Hampton Five plus One in the Bay. It’s not like if the guy has a mural and I’m going to deface it. Enjoy and support your local Dallas Mavericks.

Author’s Note: I found the featured image via a Google search, the image source is

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