Bay Area Recap (Part 1)

You’re probably wondering why I numbered this particular post. I’ll let you know now. As long as I have family and friends in the Bay Area, I will visit and try to recap my time there. Trust me when I tell you that every time will be different from the next. This recent trip was definitely one of my favorite times in the Bay, starting with the first night I was there.

Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals. May 31, 2018. Oracle Arena. Oakland, CA. (Personal, Rashad Miller)

Okay, I knew I wanted to hit up Game 1, but I was being cheap frugal because I didn’t want to buy a “Standing Room Only” ticket for the going rate of $275 and up. I get a text asking where I was in San Francisco and before I know, I’m on BART en route to Oracle Arena. My first ever Finals game attending was definitely a good one. LeBron James scored 51 points, “The Mistake” (I’m sure you’ve seen the memes), and the overtime victory that would eventually lead to the “Dubs” sweeping the Cavaliers to win the championship.

Jimi Hendrix’s Red House. 1524A Haight St. San Francisco, CA. (Personal, Rashad Miller)

The rest of the trip was filled with great food and great vibes. I have to recommend that you visit Kaya on Market Street. It is an incredible Jamaican restaurant with a modern feel. From the paintings of Steph Curry and Bob Marley on the wall to the music playing in the background, it makes for a great vibe (the goat curry they serve on Fridays and Saturdays is pretty good too). I took the “Hop on, Hop off” bus tour and I have to say it’s worth the price, but I suggest going to Union Square and getting a discount. The tour literally takes you everywhere in San Francisco from Haight-Ashbury to the Golden Gate Bridge and the best part is, you can get off and explore The City and a bus will return in 20-30 minutes.

AT&T Park. San Francisco, CA. (Personal, Rashad Miller)

My last day in the Bay was another sports-filled day. I attended Sunday’s Giants game against the Phillies at AT&T Park. It was also Willie McCovey bobblehead day as well as a day for the non-profit organization Until There’s A Cure. I also got to see Dereck Rodriguez, the son of my favorite Texas Ranger, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, start in his first game on the mound. Overall, my trip was one for the books. I can’t wait for my next visit to Northern California because there’s still more to explore. Thanks for reading!

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