“… either write something worth reading or do something worth writing…” – Benjamin Franklin

Ah, yes… the first blog entry. An introduction to what I and this blog are about. The thing that can make or break a blog. I’ll start with a brief introduction of myself and my reason for (re)entering the blogosphere. My name is Rashad Miller and I currently reside in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. Things that I enjoy (that will most likely be talked about on this blog) are art, music, film, sneakers, food, traveling, and sports, especially my local teams like the Dallas Mavericks,  Dallas Stars,  Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Cowboys.

I used to have a blog on another hosting site with a similar name when I was younger, but I didn’t take it too seriously. My content was uninspired and unoriginal. I just copied and pasted things I liked off the internet and wrote a small description.  I knew that it didn’t make for good content to me and I knew if anyone read it, they’d most likely agree. So, I took the time to explore if I was truly passionate about blogging and I decided it was time to give it another try.

I’ve started (and restarted repeatedly) this blog to have a platform to share things I find interesting and to write about whatever comes to me at the moment. Things I may touch on are causes I believe in, places I go, products I enjoy, and just everyday musings.  I hope you enjoy what’s in store and give me tons of feedback, which is always appreciated. Also, follow me on all of my social media platforms displayed at the top of the page for updates and notifications on upcoming posts. Thanks for reading and welcome to theuncoolurban.com!

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